As we enter the last month of 2021, I feel it is apt to take some time to do some reflection before moving on to the new year. I have included a few prompts in this month's freebies to help us with that.

I was watching a video some time last month when I realized that the pandemic has left (and is still leaving) indelible marks on our lives and the world, both temporary and permanent ones. And it also struck me that I have not really taken the time to grieve the things I have lost or missed because of the pandemic. In fact, I had done what I normally do; I followed the unconscious mantra that has been ingrained in me - THE SHOW MUST GO ON. I didn't stop. I just evaluated the situation, made the necessary changes, adapted and kept going (which I dare say is a feat in itself). But the irony is that there seems to be a stagnancy in this "moving on".

Maybe it is time to pause and grieve. To grieve the things, the people and the "norms" that we have lost these past 2 years. Maybe it is time to really look at the situation in the eye, to acknowledge it, to feel it, to accept it and to finally make peace with it. 

I am also sharing a link to an article on this topic: Grief and COVID-19: Mourning our bygone lives.

Wishing you much love, joy and peace this holiday season and for the new year, my dear friends.



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