Finding Magic In the Mundane

Washing the dishes, doing the laundry, commuting to work, brushing our little one's hair, brushing our teeth, having dinner...

1. Perhaps the mundane things are more important and essential than we think.

Have you considered what your life will be like if you stop doing all these seemingly inconsequential things? You will have no presentable clothes to wear to work, pests will be everywhere in the house, your body will be undernourished, your family will be sickly, you will need a root canal...

Maybe a lot of these little mundane things are actually habits that help lay a firm foundation for our lives, when performed consistently over time.

2. Perhaps these mundane things that we perform daily have the power to keep us balanced, give us space to breathe and anchor us.

Take the time to slow down and allow yourself to be mindful of the mundane task you are doing. Maybe the next time you are washing the dishes, try engaging your senses.

It may seem a little silly to enjoy how soothing the running water feels, the softness of the bubbles, the fresh scent of lemon, the melodic high-pitched clanking of the dishes, the satisfaction of seeing the volume of dirty dishes decreasing as you put in the work. And knowing that your family will have clean dishes ready to be used for the next wholesome meal and a clean and empty kitchen sink to welcome you the next morning.

Seems a little silly to take joy in these things? But undeniably, this joy has strangely uplifted us and energized us. It fortifies us.

This little act of slowing down and being present gives us a space to pause and breathe in our otherwise packed schedule. Don't miss the chance to take advantage of these mundane times to reconnect with yourself!

I think it's wonderful that we have lofty goals and dreams, but maybe taking the time to enjoy the things of the everyday can help keep us grounded and in balance. Don't be too caught up with the future, so much so that you miss out on what you already have. Life isn't just made up of "what is to come"; life is also made up of "the now".

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