You Are Enough

Over the past few days, we've talked about PURPOSEFUL PRODUCTIVITY - harnessing our planning skills to accomplish our life goals and achieve what's truly important to us.

We also talked about how the constant chasing of our dreams and goals can be exhausting and frustrating, and how SLOWING DOWN with the everyday mundane things can help us to keep our balance and ground us, to APPRECIATE "THE NOW" even as we create our future.

Let's take this a step further.

What if...


You don't have to DO more or BE more. You don't have to be a different "better" person or lead a different "better" life. You are perfectly fine just as you are.

Can you be happy and contented with who you are now and what you have now?

For me, it's accepting and embracing my shy, introverted self and be ok with making a difference in small, quiet ways.

I used to dream of being a charismatic leader, teacher and mentor in my jobs. You know the ones who students love and flock to naturally, the ones who have high energy and are fun, the ones who can inspire with their articulate and life-changing speeches and lessons.

"DREAM BIG", they say.

And dream big I did. I thought that was the only way and I wanted to be that. But I turned out to be a square block trying to fit into a round hole, and it was demoralizing, exhausting and a confidence-crusher.

Maybe the prescribed "dream big" isn't for everyone. What is living big and what is living small? Size is relative. Success is relative.

You are alright.

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  • Michelle

    Thank you! I’ll be sharing more over here :)

  • Lauren

    Loved this series! I hope you continue!

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