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A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

The current COVID-19 situation calls for us to stay at home. And that we carry out responsibly for the greater good.

But how many of us are actually living on PAUSE right now, waiting for our normal lives to resume before we start to really live again? We are just trying to cope and survive, not truly living and thriving.

I'd like to suggest a different way of doing things.

Instead of waiting to live again, how about living well, living intentionally and living joyfully right now, right where we are, in this less than ideal situation? What are the important values in your life? What are your goals? How can you still implement them and work towards them during this situation?

The COVID-19 situation is scary. It's uncertain. It's stressful. It's overwhelming. It threatens our very survival. We all wish this never happened. Never in our wildest dream did we ever think we'd ever go through something like this in our lifetime. But with it, we also have the opportunity of a lifetime to learn to be better people, to pick up useful new life skills, and instill an attitude that will help us soar no matter what the circumstances are. It is also the perfect time to be a role model for the little ones who are watching us at home.
I'm in no way suggesting that you should put up the perfection facade. But I'm challenging you to cancel the PAUSE LIFE button and not waste these precious days that make up your life. If we are going to have to live through it any way, why not make it awesome and worthwhile?
My sincere hope is that the new Paradigm Shift collection, especially the bundle with the workbook, will be able to help you thrive during this season.
Stay safe and healthy! And be fabulous!
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