All About HUSH

A soft, calm beige.
Elevated with the sophistication of a modern serif font.
Unexpectedly juxtaposed with the free-spirited flair of a handwriting script.

Meet HUSH – the epitome of LAID-BACK LUXURY.

HUSH is the new collection that replaced the popular BLUSH and SIMPLY collections. If the previous collections were well-liked before, why did I replace them with HUSH?

Before I get into that, let’s go down memory lane for a bit.

Blushing Beauty

Ellemon Paper Co. started as a printable shop on Etsy in June 2018 (previously known as Ellemon Designs that was started in 2014). You can read all about the Ellemon story here. When I decided to take the leap of faith to start selling printed inserts on my own website in August 2019, I wanted a new design for this new beginning. After much research, many drafts and agonizing, the BLUSH collection was born.

Adorned in the soothing neutrals of blush and brown, BLUSH exudes a quiet confidence in her clean, elegant style. She was well-loved by those who appreciated the understated sophistication and calmness that she brought.

Much to my surprise and delight, the new printed inserts gradually grew in popularity. She became the face of Ellemon Paper Co. with her iconic blush pink color.

Simply Is

SIMPLY emerged from the many requests for printable inserts. BLUSH could not be made available as a printable collection due to quality control reasons - colors come out differently on different printers and paper. The light colors and finicky pink of BLUSH could not be effectively and consistently reproduced on the various home printers.

In fact, SIMPLY was not the first printable design. Her predecessor, MINIMALISME, had a couple of facelifts, as I tried to differentiate my designs from the crowd. Finally, SIMPLY made her appearance in the latter half of 2020. Named SIMPLY because she just is – clean and minimal, with no frills. She reminded me of the fresh, clean linens that hung on the clothes line under the sun, fluttering in the light breeze. Since the files were already created, I made SIMPLY available as printed inserts too, for the non-pink lovers!

Now To Answer the Perplexing Question…

Why did I overhaul the existing designs when they were doing so well?

Are you ready for the brutal, honest truth?







Pink wasn’t really my thing.

When I decided on the BLUSH design, I loved the color combination, but not necessarily the blush pink by itself. I loved how the soft colors come together with the clean look of the BLUSH collection. And I still do. It was supposed to be just a touch of pink, an accent. But somehow, pink became the signature color… And it also became what Ellemon Paper Co. was recognized for. Many customers told me, “When I see the color blush, I think of Ellemon Paper Co.!” What successful branding! This is what all brands strive for, except that for me, it was unintentional and not where I wanted to go. Don't get me wrong, I like the color blush, but I didn't mean for it to become EPC's main brand color.

The other important reason as to why I had to make the painful decision to let BLUSH go despite her success was because of behind-the-scene issues. I think blush is a color that is so finicky. It needs to be exact. There are so many shades of blush, but there’s a reason why we are drawn to a certain shade of it. And once we know we want that particular shade of blush, it has to be that one only. I can’t go into details but in the long run, because of how exact BLUSH had to be, I knew I would be running into problems.

So why discontinue SIMPLY too? Dark gray + white shouldn’t be a problem!

Two main reasons:

1. I was having a hard time having to create 2 versions of the same insert, from the existing inserts to the new releases.
It was just taking up too much time and energy, and I had to be realistic.

2. The final deciding factor was when I came across a very similar design when I was scrolling on Instagram. It felt like a punch in my stomach when I saw it. UGH! I just stopped short in my tracks (or rather my scrolling) and held my breath.

Oh no… Did the design already exist? Did I unintentionally create a very similar design to someone else’s? I don’t want to be accused of copying! Wait… Whose design came out first?

My mind was racing. So many unanswered questions. And a very yucky, sinking feeling filled me.

And that was it. It didn't matter what happened or how it happened. It was "Goodbye, SIMPLY" for me.

I had originally created SIMPLY to replace BLUSH, when the time comes, if the time comes. It was my fallback. It’s much easier to print in black and white, and also more cost-effective. Yep, printing in color costs quite a bit more.

But SIMPLY fell through.

So the next question is… What do I replace SIMPLY with? The new design has to be printable-friendly too.

After taking some time to look at all the problems and taking into consideration the long-term view, I decided it was time to look at the issue squarely in its face. I asked for your opinions on Instagram and through my newsletters. Ultimately, I am serving you, so your opinions and feelings are crucial to me.

Initially, I received a number of DMs and emails passionately asking me to keep BLUSH. I know how much the BLUSH collection meant to you. I do. And I’m humbled by your love for it.

At that point, I was leaning more towards keeping the BLUSH collection after reading all your requests. “If I were to keep it, I would just have to change my perspective about BLUSH and the business. I should try to make BLUSH work. I can do this!” I tried to convince myself.

I had also created a survey for my subscribers. To my surprise, majority of you were alright with me making the change. Some of you still preferred the BLUSH, but were willing to support me with the change because you trusted me. But even then, I was still leaning towards keeping the BLUSH collection, because for those of you who took the time to let me know how you strongly you feel about a product, that meant a lot to me.

I played around with a few new designs while I contemplated the issue. Originally, I had wanted to use a black + white design (actually more dark gray than stark black) because that would have the least technical issues. However, I ultimately decided against it because I knew how much having a soft, calming color in your planner means to you. And the HUSH Beige was selected – a soft, cool light brown. After many drafts and consultations with my family, I decided I should hear from the people who will be using them, so I reached out to some of you with the draft designs. And you know what? To my surprise, a vast majority actually liked the new color and designs, and even voted to change out BLUSH for the new!

So with the new vote of confidence for the new designs, I weighed the options carefully. I finally made the difficult decision to overhaul BLUSH and SIMPLY, because I knew this was probably my only and last chance to do so. It’s now or never. And thankfully, I have the majority of you with me on this.

That’s how HUSH was created. The final design is tweaked and different from the original drafts, but the basic elements of the colors and fonts remained the same. I would say HUSH is more representative of what Ellemon Paper Co. stands for – purposeful productivity in laid-back sophistication. I wanted it clean, modern and elegant, but still feels effortless and free. I didn’t want it to feel too “nice”. I wanted it scuffed up a bit. The script font is key. My husband asked me doubtfully one day when he was helping me with the orders, “Umm… Are you sure about this font? It looks messy to me.” Messy? That’s exactly what I’m going for - care-free and messy! Life isn’t always nice and tidy. More often than not, life is messy and complicated. Mess is alright. Mess can be beautiful.

That’s the message I want to bring to the world.

As much as we give our utmost to live this life well, to live “right”, to make our lives meaningful, to have some sense of control in this crazy world through our planning, I believe we need to make space for exploration, for the unknown, for changes; space to be our imperfect selves, to make mistakes, to just be and being.

So there you have it – the story of HUSH.

And throughout this journey of Ellemon Paper Co., I am thankful for you, my EPC family, for walking with me and believing in me. Thank you for your love and patience, and especially for bearing with me when the designs of EPC evolved and took many different forms. Thank you for giving me the space and grace to explore, to experiment and to find my voice. I look forward to what the future will bring, as we continue to learn and grow together.

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