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With March drawing to a close and April peeking around the corner, I thought I'd send you April's freebie in advance to help you prep for the new month.

This year has been rough. And that is an understatement. I was looking through the listings in the shop when I spotted the printable 2020 dashboard. It says:

The best year yet

What an irony! I even contemplated taking it down.

But then, I realized that every year can be a bad year for someone. Maybe not for us, but definitely someone. It's just that this pandemic has given us a chance to experience something really horrible TOGETHER.

So does optimism have to fade? Do we need to write off 2020 altogether and wish it never happened? Well, we can't, even if we desperately want to. So what do we do next? We do what we've been wired to do so well: fight for our lives! We are survivors. We are conquerors. And we will make 2020 a good year in our own ways.

April's freebie is a set of letter size Review & Overview pages to help us reflect and plan ahead (please choose 'Fit' in your printer setting if you're printing on A4 paper). It can be used daily, weekly or monthly as a sort of pre-planner, as we take some time to review the day/week/month and intentionally decide how we want to proceed for new day/week/month.

I think it is crucial to set aside time for reflection during trying times like this because what we are experiencing right now is unfamiliar to us. When we take the time to review and think through how the day has gone and make necessary changes or reinforce what's going well, we are actually being proactive about our lives. There are many things beyond our control, but there are also things that we have absolute control over. 

So don't just let life happen. Make YOUR life happen.


Download Review & Overview Pages here.


  • Maria Roman

    Nice I loved!

  • Michelle

    Hi Meredith! Yes, I’ve just added A6 size to my shop with the printed items. A6 size will also be added to the existing printables this Friday (4/3).

  • Meredith

    Hi! I was wondering if you offered A6 size? Thank you!

  • Michelle

    Hi Candace! Unfortunately, I don’t have Mini HP size in my shop. Sorry.

  • Candace

    Yay! Thank you! Do you make the 2020 dashboard and vellum in mini hp size?!

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