Freebie: Conscious Choices

Just as our conscious choices lay the foundation for good health and a better quality of life, our unconscious actions and decisions can sometimes be ways we try to cope with the circumstances we are in or to protect and soothe ourselves. And these unconscious coping mechanisms can often be detrimental in the long run, even if they comfort us at the moment.

I recently realized the reason for my late nights is due to "revenge sleep procrastination" (read more here). Even though I think I'm enjoying my much needed me-time, the lack of sleep and rest actually lead to more health issues, less energy, lower productivity and even irritability - making life even less enjoyable in general.

A better solution would be to look at the real issue in the face and come up with an action plan that will actually solve the problems at hand and also instill healthier habits that will aid the situation.

I hope that this month's freebies will give you a chance to search for choices that you have made unconsciously, dig deep into them to find out the underlying reasons for their existence and come up with better alternatives to dealing with them.


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  • Rianne

    Thank you !!!

  • Melissa

    Wow does this hit home. Feels better to know this phenomenon has a name – in the last year I’ve found myself doing the exact same thing!

  • Carmen

    Thank you!!

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