Freebie: Pocket Size Card 2021 Holidays

Pocket Size 2021 Holidays
Pocket Size Card 2021 Holidays here.


  • Nikki

    Hi! This is a must-have for my planner! Will there be a 2022 version that will be available!?

  • Laynie

    Hi Michelle, I love this! Just like Marcie, I’d love to see how you cut/layer it. Also the cut marks for the bottom right dates cut off the dates.Is that done intentionally. Thank you! We appreciate the freebie and don’t mean to cause you more work.

  • Michelle

    Hi Marcy! It’s one sided :)

  • Marcy

    I am horrible at figuring out how to cut/fold inserts that I print myself. :-) Is this two sided? is it 2 separate cards?

  • Michelle

    Hi Jessica! This is supposed to be a planner card, so it will only be available in pocket size.

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