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I don't know about you, but I don't like mess. I like things to go according to plan and I like my comfort zone.

I remember attending a counseling course many years ago and the instructor talked about how we often subconsciously try to control the people and/or things in our lives (no matter how trivial) when we feel that we don't actually have control over our lives.

One of the experiences she shared was of how a lady reacted to an outdoor group painting session. The instruction was simple - just have fun with the huge canvas and paints! At first, the members of the group worked on their own little space, carefully and purposefully. But soon, they loosened up and started to add on to each other's paintings. And guess what? Someone started splashing paint at the others and soon a messy, laughter-filled paint fight began!

And that particular lady I mentioned earlier? She started to freak out! She was having none of it! There was no way she was going to allow all those paint to get on her! She was so upset that she started screaming and crying and eventually stormed off. Making sure that she was always perfectly groomed and presentable was one of the ways for her to feel like she had some sort of control over her life, despite the actual helplessness she actually felt.

"Nope, not me. I'd have no problem if that happens to me." Or so I thought.

This story came flooding back to me recently when my husband decided to ambush us with a water hose attack when our family was chilling in the backyard. Oh man, I got really mad. Like REALLY.

I was surprised at my own over-reaction and had to do some self-reflection later that day. It was time for another face-off session with the ugly truth... the hidden ugly side of me.
We instinctively don't like messy. It's human. But life IS messy (in fact, VERY messy right now for everyone). And WE are messy. There's no escaping it.
Granted, some mess just can't be beautiful. And for those, we surrender in faith, hope and trust.

But as for the rest of the mess (including ourselves)...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; it's what we make of it.


  • Michelle

    I’m glad my little post was an encouragement to you, Charlene.

  • Charlene Scott

    Thanks for this. Reading your comments really took a load off my shoulders and spirit that I needed today. Stay blessed.

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