Well Done, My Friend

As we approach the end of the year, many of us start reflecting on this year and planning for the next. It is so crucial to make time to take stock of our lives, where we are right now and where we want to head to next.

So that we can do better.

So that tomorrow will be better.

But today I want to pause... and take time to applaud you.

Well done, my friend.
Woo hoo!
You did soooooo well this year!
I'm so proud of you!

And I'd like you to take some time too, to give yourself a pat on the back and say to yourself, "Well done, __________!"

You have given your best in so many things. You will reap the fruit of your labor. Nothing is in vain.

You have been strong and brave even when the going got tough. And you are still standing.

Even when you had little faith in yourself, you still took that leap of faith and hey, it wasn't so bad, was it?

You loved and loved and loved. Your kindness has uplifted so many broken spirits. 

Well done, my friend.

I am an art work in constant progress;
I am my own canvas,
my own colors,
my own brushes and
my own inspiration.

- Efrat Cybulkiewicz -

I have created a simple page to help you celebrate you before this year ends. Find a quiet spot for a few minutes to encourage yourself, to celebrate you, to be thankful for YOU. Because you are important to YOU.

Download file here.

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