The Forgotten Treasures

Do you have nice things that you treasure and keep way because they are too precious to be used?

My mom had a set of everyday dinnerware and a set of special occasion dinnerware. I think a lot of families do this too - the special occasion dinnerware only makes its appearance on special days like holidays or when special guests visit. Other than that, this set of beauties never get to see the light of day.

Going through my dad’s stuff after his passing, I found a Mont Blanc pen, still in pristine condition. He must have thought it was too precious to be used since it was expensive. This pen too spent its days in darkness, locked up in a safe place. It never got to live out its full potential, and probably barely had a chance to experience gliding across the smooth terrain of paper, its intended companion. Its owner had treasured it so much that he never got to experience the joy of wielding it, because he was waiting for that perfect occasion to break it out of its box. Or even more sadly, it was probably treasured so much that it ended up being forgotten - the forgotten treasure.

Such a pity.

So use your nice things now. If not now, then when?

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