Zoom In

This struck me when I was watching my favorite YouTube channels, the "aesthetic" ones where the camera follows their daily lives with no talking (maybe some with subtitles) and just the background music playing.

What's making the settings of these videos look so good? Why do their lives look so much better than mine? They cut vegetables; I cut vegetables. They work at their desk; I work at my desk. They make coffee; I make coffee. They take walks; I take walks. Why do theirs look so much more inspiring than when I'm doing them?

I think it may be the focus. Our eyes and attention are drawn to what the camera is focusing on or zoomed in on. 

Have you noticed how things can look so much more interesting and prettier when you zoom in on them on your camera? It's like we start noticing aspects of the objects that we never noticed before.

Maybe I just need to pay attention to my life, to be present and savor the little bits. Then I'll realize that my life is just as beautiful as theirs.

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