Planner Peace?

Maybe planner peace is an illusion.

Maybe our planner doesn’t feel like it “clicks” because it doesn’t fit our needs, personality or lifestyle.

Maybe because life is ever-changing and that’s why our planner is ever-evolving.

Or maybe we are just being fickle and pleasure-seeking human beings, always seeking the next new and shiny thing to boost our dopamine and serotonin. It’s just the way we are wired; we are built that way.

Maybe we want to track all things… Or maybe we don’t.

Maybe our planner houses more dashboards than functional inserts, because our planner is also a creative outlet for us besides keeping track of important dates.

Maybe our planner is messy as h*ll, but it makes perfect sense to us and it works for us! Just like how someone would clean up our messy room and we can never find what we need after that. We understand our mess. Who’s to say which is a better way?

Maybe we just like collecting all things stationery.

Nothing wrong with any of these, as long as we know what we want out of our planners. They can be as simple and as complex as they need to be.

Maybe before we start with a planner, we need to ask ourselves, “Why do I need or want a planner? What am I trying to get out of a planner? What will motivate me to keep using it? How do I want to feel from having and using a planner?” And then build our planner from there.

Maybe the PRINCIPLES behind our planner is the closest we’ll ever get to planner peace, rather than the final physical form of our planner. These principles can be manifested in so many ways. Why just stick with one?

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