Purposeful Productivity

I'll be sharing more of my thoughts about life, goals, productivity and living well in this space.

I originally shared some of these musings on Instagram, but I think I'll do it here from now on. To start off, I'm transferring a few of these IG posts here.


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I think planning and being productive is all swell and well, but devoid of meaningful goals, we can just end up being busy, running in circles like headless chickens, exhausted and not really going anywhere. And that's what Ellemon Paper Co., is about - PURPOSEFUL PRODUCTIVITY.

As planners, we can harness our planning skills to help us with our life goals. Being able to plan is a skill that not everyone has, so we are already a step ahead. Not one who's naturally blessed with prioritizing and planning skills? No worries because it can be learned!

What does it mean to live... and to live well?

Judging by how the self-improvement industry is growing, I guess this is something on many of our minds.

I want to live well. I want my life to count. I want my life to have meaning. I want to make a difference in people's lives.

That's me. Which is probably why I ended being a teacher, a church youth worker and now trying to create products that will encourage people and help people live well.


I also realized that it can be exhausting trying to live up to the expectations of living well... and sometimes even confusing or frustrating. Which is where I am right now. Thus leading me to books like 'The Courage To Be Disliked' and 'Stop Fixing Yourself', which have given me other perspectives I've not considered.

Anyway, I'll stop here for now. I'll continue my musings at another time. Do know that I DON'T have the answers to the meaning of life. I'm just sharing what I've learned while on this quest to live well and my thoughts throughout this journey.

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