The Productivity System (Part 3)

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Scheduling is one aspect of the organization process. This is when you put events, appointments and due dates on your calendar.

However, to be truly intentional and productive, you need to take it a step further - plan WHEN + HOW you intend to go about doing your tasks/projects, prepping for an important event and meeting your goals.
For goals and projects:
- Understand your goals and objectives
- Break down big projects into smaller tasks
- Plan how these tasks will be carried out and by whom
- Put them on a timeline, so that you can see the overview
- Schedule the tasks
- Set mini deadlines and checkpoints
- Track progress + review
For events:
- When is it? Can I attend? Do I want to attend? RSVP?
- Understand the function and purpose of event
- How formal is it?
- Is there a dress code? Plan outfit.
- What will the weather be like?
- Do I need to bring anything?
- Schedule errands to buy gift, outfit, ingredients or anything needed for the event
- Prepare outfit and items (ready to go)

Once you have organized, planned and scheduled the info from your inbox, doing is made easier, as you just have to execute what you have scheduled to do for the day.

And you know that because you have done a good job of:
- capturing all the info and nothing is falling through the cracks,
- organizing the info, including having a plan for how to get the things done and scheduling the tasks to be done, just by following the plan and schedule each day, you will achieve your goals.

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